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Microscale Thermophysics Engineering Laboratory

Principal Investigator:


Yanguang Zhou

Assistant Professor, MAE Department, HKUST, Hong Kong SAR


Selected Honors and Awards:

2022, IAAM Young Scientist Medal

2021, Hong Kong SciTech Pionners Award

2018, Borchers-Plakette at RWTH Aachen University

2017, Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad

2014-2017, AICES Fellowship (The scholarship of German Universities Excellence Initiative)

Visiting students & Postdoctoral Scholar:


Simin Wang (Visiting PhD student),

Ph.D. Candidate, Physics Department@CityU (2019. 09 - )

Research topic: Thermal transport in layered materials


Graduate Students:


Yixin Xu

Ph.D. Candidate, MAE Department (2020. 09 - )

B. E. : Dalian University of Technology

M. E. :  Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Research topic: Interfacial engineering for enhancing the heat transfer coefficient



Guang Wang (Lab Manager)

Ph.D. Candidate, MAE Department (2020. 09 - )

B. S. : Tongji University

M. S. : Tsinghua University

Research topic: Synthesis, measuring and modeling the thermal properties of MOF-polymer composites


WeChat Image_20210318221229.jpg

Hongzhao Fan (Co-supervised with Prof. Can Yang)

Ph.D. Student, MAE Department (2021. 09 - )

B. E. : Shandong University

M. E. :  Shandong University

Research topic: Thermal transport in metal-organic frameworks (MOF) and across MOF-metal interfaces


WeChat Image_20210324124406.png

Xing Xiang

Ph.D. Student, MAE Department (2021. 09 - )

B. E. : Sichuan University

M. E. : Xian Jiaotong University

Research topic: Machine learning assisted quantify the thermal transport process in disorder systems


WeChat Image_20220531204944.jpg

Jiawang Li

Ph.D. Student, MAE Department (2022. 09 - )

M.E.: Tsinghua University

B. E. : China University of Mining&Technology

Research topic: Metal-organic frameworks (MOF) materials for adsorption application



Sajjad Hussain

Ph.D. Student, MAE Department (2023. 01 - )

M.E.: Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences

B. E. : University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

Research topic: Boiling heat transfer simulations using Lattice Boltzmann method

Email: TBD

Co-supervised students (secondary supervisor):

Xiuzhu Wang​, Ph.D. Candidate, ECE Department (2020. 09 - )

Longyun Shen, Ph.D. Student, MAE Department (2021. 09 - )


Ruijie Xie​, M.S. Student, MAE Department (2020. 09 - 2021.06; now at Li Auto Inc.)

Xifan Chen, M.S. Student, MAE Department (2021. 09 - 2022.06)

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