Disordered Matter and Thermophysics Research Laboratory

The DMTR Lab has developed many methodologies on dealing with thermal transport properties, these methods include:
1, Time domain direct decomposed method (TDDDM);
2, Frequency domain direct decomposed method (FDDDM), please send me your GitHub id if you want to try.
3, Green-kubo equilibrium atomic and spin dynamics (GKEASD);
4, ab initio green-kubo equilibrium molecular dynamics (AI-GKEMD).

  • Our paper "Probing the Phonon Mean Free Paths in Dislocation Core by Molecular Dynamics Simulation" was picked by the editor in the Journal of Applied Physics. 2021

  • Our paper "Thermal conductivity modeling of GaN films" was picked by the editor in the Acta Physica Sinica. 2021

The DMTR Lab also has the facilities for our measurements and synthesis:


Frequency domain thermoreflectance (FDTR) for the measurement of thermal transport properties. The working principle (left panel) and the FDTR facility (right panel).

Freeze dryer.jpg

Freeze dryer for the materials synthesis

Note: we only list the most important facilities in our lab. All the other necessary facilities for our experiments can be found in our Lab, MTPC, and NFF at HKUST.