Disordered Matter and Thermophysics Research Laboratory

Welcome to disordered matter and thermophysics lab.

Our group, a multiscale engineering group at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), is dedicated to solving a few challenging engineering as well as fundamental physical problems at the intersection of advanced energy systems and advanced functional materials using disordered matter with potential applications in thermal engineering, smart materials, through a cross-filed approach using quantum many-body theory, second newton's law and advanced optical experimental technologies. For more details, please refer to the video introduction.


Recent News:

Yixin's paper "Signatures of Anharmonic Phonon Transport in Ultrahigh Thermal Conductance across Atomically Sharp Metal/Semiconductor Interface" was accepted by International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. Congrats, Yixin and Hongzhao. (02/11/2022)

Our first experimental paper "High-performance and Wide-RH Passive Evaporative Cooling Utilizing Atmospheric Water" was accepted by
Droplet. Congrats, Guang. (24/10/2022)

Our collaborated paper "Low Thermal Conductivity of alpha-pentaerythritol Crystal Induced by Resonant Phonon Modes and Its Enhancement via Compression" with Liang Dai's group@CityU was accepted by
Journal of Materials Chemistry C
Congrats, Simin and Hongzhao. (20/09/2022)

Yixin's paper "Interfacial Thermal Conductance Spectrum in Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulations Considering Anharmonicity, Non-homogeneity and Quantum Effects" was accepted by
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Congrats, Yixin. (20/09/2022)

RPG students Guang Wang and Yixin Xu have passed the PQE qualification, and become Ph.D. candidates!  (18/08/2022)

Prof. Zhou will give an invited talk on the passive evaporative cooling techniques in
Jiangsu HK Inno Tech Webinar organized by HKTDC on 15/09. (10/08/2022)