Disordered Matter and Thermophysics Research Laboratory

Welcome to disordered matter and thermophysics lab.

Our group, a multiscale engineering group at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), is dedicated to solving a few challenging engineering as well as fundamental physical problems at the intersection of advanced energy systems and advanced functional materials using disordered matter with potential applications in thermal engineering, smart materials, through a cross-filed approach using quantum many-body theory, second newton's law and advanced optical experimental technologies. For more details, please refer to the video introduction.


Recent News:

Our project "A Smart Cooling Strategy for Photovoltaic Solar Cells via A Sustainable Coating " is awarded by Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab (SSC) @HKUST. Congrats, DMTR Lab.(13/05/2022)

Our collaborated paper with USTC "Elevated Barrier Height Originated from Electric Dipole Effect and Improved Breakdown Characteristics in PtOx/β-Ga2O3 Schottky Barrier Diodes" is accepted by Journal of Physics: Applied Physics . (05/05/2022)

Prof. Zhou gives a talk on "Thermal Transport Spectroscopy in Atomistic Simulations" at The 25th Annual Conference of HKSTAM 2022: The 17th Jiangsu - Hong Kong Forum on Mechanics and Its Applications. (23/04/2022)

Prof. Zhou is awarded the  IAAM Young Scientist Medal by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). (06/04/2022)

Guang's paper is accepted by
IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology. Congrats, Guang.(05/03/2022)

Prof. Zhou is invited to give an 
Advanced Materials Lecture on 12/03/2022 by IAAM. (05/03/2022)

Prof. Zhou has been awarded the Hong Kong SciTech Pioneers Award by the Y-LOT foundation. Congrats, Yanguang.

News Archive:

Our paper "The Origin of the Glass-like Thermal Conductivity in ZIF-4 and ZIF-62" was accepted by the Physical Review Materials. Well done, DMTR Lab. (01/15/2021)

Our paper "Thermal Boundary Conductance across Co/Cu Interfaces with Spin-Lattice Interactions" was accepted by the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. Well done, Yixin and Guang. (12/28/2021)

Our collaborated paper together with UCLA "Thermal Boundary Conductance across Co/Cu Interfaces with Spin-Lattice Interactions" was accepted by the Journal of Applied Physics. Well done, Yijun. (11/23/2021)

Prof. Zhou has been selected as the Foresight Fellow 2022. Congrats, Yanguang.