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Microscale Thermophysics Engineering Laboratory

What we do:

Our group, a multiscale engineering group at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), is dedicated to solving a few challenging engineering as well as fundamental physical problems at the intersection of advanced energy systems using complex structures with potential applications in thermal engineering, through a cross-filed approach using quantum many-body theory, second newton's law and advanced optical experimental technologies. For more details, please refer to the video introduction.


Recent News:

Three students Qinqin He, Chunye Ma and Lingyi Guo join in MTE Lab as Ph.D. students. Yan Luo joins us as a part-time research assistant in MTE Lab. Herzlich Willkommen, Qinqin, Chunye, Lingyi and Yan! (16/08/2023)
Longyun's paper "Strain Engineering of Antiperovskite Materials for Solid-State Li Batteries: A Computation-Guided Substitution Approach" was accepted by the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Congrats, Longyun. (16/08/2023)

Our invited review "Quantifying the Spectral Thermal Transport Properties in the Framework of Molecular Dynamics Simulations: A Comprehensive Review"was accepted by Rare Metals. Congrats, Yixin and Hongzhao. (23/03/2023)

The FYDP group guided by Prof. Zhou has received
BSOMES Research Prize 2022 - Group Award 1st Prize. (06/01/2022)

Yixin's paper "Signatures of Anharmonic Phonon Transport in Ultrahigh Thermal Conductance across Atomically Sharp Metal/Semiconductor Interface" was accepted by the 
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. Congrats, Yixin and Hongzhao. (02/11/2022)

Our first experimental paper "High-performance and Wide-RH Passive Evaporative Cooling Utilizing Atmospheric Water" was accepted by
Droplet. Congrats, Guang. (24/10/2022)

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